Apply for US Lottery Visa and Get Jobs in USA – Relocate to America

Enlisting for the US lottery visa can be done via online registration and is non-binding. If you have ever played with the idea of moving to the USA, WORK IN USA, or STUDY IN USA have been a long-time, die-hard America fan, then you won’t regret participating in the Green Card Lottery. The application can be done through this web page.In case you win, you decide if you want to accept the US US lottery visa or not. Basically, the doors of opportunity are open to you and the Green Card gives you the flexibility to decide if you want to permanently LIVE AND WORK IN the USA.

Most importantly, this flexibility is given to you through winning a Green Card. In the application form for the Green Card Lottery, you must give personal details like your first and last name, date of birth, country, and city of birth, passport information, and level of education as well as a digital photo.

This information is also required for each member of your family, with the exception of their passport details. The US LOTTERY VISA program is available to all immigrants seeking a better life in America, there are numerous jobs available in USA and scholarships available to applicants.

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US Green Card – Live and Work in the US

Anyone who wants to have an unlimited residence and work permit for the USA needs the most famous visa in the world: the Green Card. With very few exceptions, the Green Card holder has the same rights as a US citizen.

What is US Lottery Visa?

The Green Card is an official ID document that allows its owner to live and work in the United States of America without any time limit.

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Most people are familiar with the legendary Green Card Lottery, in which US fans worldwide can fulfill their dream of emigrating to America each year.

However, due to the tremendous hurdles and long waiting times for most family and work-based Green Cards, for most US fans, the lottery is the only way to emigrate to the States. 55,000 people win the lottery each year. Those who meet the requirements and do not make any mistakes in the application process have excellent chances and do not need extraordinary skills.

Increase Your Chances of Getting the US lottery visa

Applying for a Green Card through employment or for a family reunion is time-consuming and complex. With a few exceptions (for example, for spouses of US citizens), you must prepare for several years of waiting. The solution to this problem is the Green Card Lottery.

But even this has hurdles and pitfalls. The US government can disqualify you for even a small mistake. That’s why every year, thousands of US citizens seek the help of The American Dream’s Green Card experts to increase their chances of getting a Green Card.

What are the Application Requirements?

To apply for the US lottery visa, you must provide the following information:

  • Title
  • First name(s)
  • Last name
  • Date of birth
  • E-mail
  • Sex
  • Address
  • City and country of birth
  • Highest level of education
  • Passport number
  • Personal data of your spouse (if applicable)
  • Personal data of your children (if applicable)

You also need to upload a photograph of yourself as well as your spouse and children (if applicable) that meets the high requirements of the US authorities. These are as follows:

  • Photos must not be older than 6 months.
  • Photos from previous lotteries should not be reused.
  • no copies of identity cards or passports
  • no glasses in the photo (even for spectacle wearers!)
  • only color photos in high-quality
  • neutral, bright background
  • frontal view, look into the camera (not sideways!)
  • The shoulders should be visible in the photo.
  • at least 600×600 pixels, JPEG file
  • The head must take up about 50% of the photo.
  • no cap or other headgear (headgear for religious reasons is tolerated if the face is visible from the forehead to the chin!)
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Our Green Card Lottery Guide will walk you through all steps of the application process in detail.

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What is the Application Procedure?

You will find a detailed explanation of the Green Card Lottery process in our guide Get A Green Card In Just A Few Steps. Summary: you will go through eight phases on your way to your Green Card.

  1. Application
    With The American Dream, you can register for the Green Card Lottery all year round. However, if you participate on your own on the website of the US authorities, you only have four weeks between October and November.
  2. Winners’ draw and winner notification 
    Time frame: May to June of the next year. If you have participated through The American Dream, we will send you a comprehensive winner’s package.
  3. Official Green Card application through DS-260 form
    Time frame: as soon as possible after the winner notification. The American Dream will help you complete detailed forms and documents. We can also take care of the whole process for you.
  4. Notification of an interview appointment by the KCC 
    Time frame: depending on the case number (also: rank number), visible in the Visa Bulletin. Before your appointment at the US Consulate or Embassy, you need to go through a medical examination by a US government-approved medical examiner.
  5. Activation Trip, the first entry into the USA
    Time frame: must happen no later than six months after the medical examination. There is no minimum length of stay for your activation trip. On the activation trip to the USA, you will receive a stamp (I-551 Stamp) in your passport at the US airport, which identifies you as a legitimate GreenCard holder. There is no minimum length of stay for your activation journey. If you wish, you can fly home immediately after receiving the stamp.
  6. Receiving your Green Card
    Time frame: up to six months; anything is possible. However, with the I-551 stamp in your passport, you will have all the rights of a Green Card holder. The American Dream has a branch office in the USA and – depending on your subscription rate – can handle this for you. You will then receive your GreenCard directly to your home.
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You did it! Your Green Card experts will be happy to assist you with any questions about living and working in the USA. You can start your application through this webpage.


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