How To Report Online Loan Harassment In Nigeria

Lately, threatening and stalking online loaners have gradually become a recurrent event among some online loan platforms in Nigeria. You might be a victim if care is not taken. For this reason, you need to take preventive measures and note how to report any form of online loan harassment.

Since digital transactions have become more convenient than traditional means which include loans from lending platforms or apps including loan sharks; Online loans have become more attractive to cash_trap borrowers.

Note the truth. Getting authorized for loans is very simple.  It’s no longer mandatory that you visit a bank. With your cell phone, you can apply for a loan anywhere and anytime. Because of the development in applying for loans,  some online lenders lodge harassment and threats to customers who fail to pay their loans on the due date time.

Might ask how online loan harassment can occur. Online loan harassment is a situation whereby some online loan platforms will repeatedly be calling and threatening their customers who are unable to pay their loans on the due date. In some cases, such loan platforms will also be calling their contacts, family members, or friends; telling them that the person is a thief and that they took a loan and refused to pay it back. This is a total embarrassment!

Note that it is expected of you to pay back your loan before or at the due date; don’t ever take a loan if you don’t have any hope or means of getting money to pay it back before the due date.

However, in case there are any unexpected circumstances that affect your loan repayment at the expected time, you would need to explain politely to the loan platform that gave you the loan. Explain to them and tell them when you will pay your loan.

But if after all explanations, they still went ahead to harass you by calling your contacts, and family members and telling them that you are a thief, you can simply report such a loan platform and save yourself from the harassment. And in this article, we shall be showing you how to report online loan harassment in Nigeria.

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But before further clarity, let’s discuss the various online loan harassment terminologies.

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Online Loan Harassment Terminologies

There are diverse online loan harassment terminologies. They are as follows:

1. Cyber Harassment

Cyber Harassment is referred to as any recited, unrequested, contentious attribute by a person through cyberspace with the sole aim of intimidating, or humiliating a fellow.

2. Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is an act that occurs when an individual bullys you through digital devices like cell phones, computers, and tablets.

3. Trolling

Trolling means victimizing an individual online by intentionally mailing provocative, insignificant, or unpleasant observations.

4. Flaming

Flaming in this context simply means the act of attacking an individual by posting to a newsgroup, mailing list, or similar forum.

No one has everything. So it is necessary and advisable to apply for a loan if need be. You don’t need to allow any man to put you in distress whenever you apply for a loan. Let’s discuss the ways to report online loan harassment in Nigeria.

1. Report On Google Play Store Or App Store

Immediately you are victimized in any form of online loan harassment, the first thing to do is to report the app on the Play Store or App Store.

Might ask about the process you undertake to properly report the app, keep reading. For Android users, just go to your android play store and report the app to Google that such an app is overrunning your privacy and you are under onslaught for harassment or abuse.

The reason for this is to permit Google to review your report immediately when it receives your notification and take instantaneous action against such a loan app and discard it from its platform. So, once this is done, Google removes any loan app from its platform that is harassive to avoid any further victimization.

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2. Report To A Media House 

Reporting to a media house is another way to make your online loan harassment known. Many online media platforms can assist you to publish your entire story on their platforms free of charge.

For instance, suppose you are a victim of online loan harassment. Just send a harassment case to the media house. They will publish it instantly and once Google checks for statements against such a loan app, it would discard it. In fact, if after thorough evaluation and your story is found genuine, it will attract the awareness of the government both the state and the federal. They will further apply local laws against such loan apps and notify Google of unexpected activities against such loan apps.

3. Other Platforms

Looking at other platforms, whereby you can make reports when you are being harassed by online loaners; they include and

Having said these so far, let’s now discuss in detail, how to report loan harassment to the Google play store.

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How To Report Loan Harassment To Google Play Protect 

Reporting loan harassment to Google play protect is the fastest to report a loan app. Suppose you discover an app to be disturbing and harassing you, just go to the play store and report them through the following processes:

1. Launch The Google App

This is the first step to carry out if you want to report loan harassment to Google play protect. Just open your play store app on your phone or visit to connect through the website using your cell phone or computer.

2. Search For The Loan App

To search for the loan app, just type the name of the app correctly to get the app. Immediately you find it and launch it.

3. Scroll Below To What’s New

After launching the Google app, search for the loan app to launch it, the next step is to scroll down until you see “what’s new”. This will launch a different Google web where you will be informed on how to report a loan app in the Google play store.

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4. Fill Out The Form

Here, you will see a link that you are expected to click on and then report your problem on the Google Play store. Immediately you click on the link, you will see a contact form where you are to write your details and other information and get answers once they are reviewed.

5. Submit The Form

After you have filled in the information required in the form, click on the summit. Google will know whether to ban the app or warn them.

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We will never support anybody taking a loan online and refusing to pay it back. It is expected of you to pay back your loan even before the due date; never take a loan if you don’t have any hope of getting the money to pay it back before the due date.

If by any unexpected circumstances make you unable to pay the loan on the due date, you should try to explain politely to the loan platform; just try your best to make them understand.

But if they refuse to give you a listening ear and choose to harass you, you may have to report the loan platform to save yourself from such harassment. However, still, looking for a way to pay back your loan.

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