4YF Doctoral Fellowship: University of British Columbia 2022-2023

Are you a UBC graduate or post-doctoral student? You can receive an $18,200 stipend to the UBC 4YF Doctoral Fellowship and full tuition coverage. This is a wonderful opportunity for international students and Canadians.

The Four-Year Doctoral Fellowship (4YF), which guarantees financial support for the top UBC, DMA, and MDPhD doctoral students, will provide at least $18,200 per annum in tuition fees, as well as financial support for their doctoral studies for up to four years.

This program also allows UBC to continue supporting outstanding international and national doctoral students. They also plan to provide stable funds for these students’ doctoral and research studies.

We make it easy to apply for the Four-Year Doctoral Fellowship (4YF). You will find the information you need to apply for the fellowship on every page. You should follow the instructions.

4YF Doctoral Fellowship

Why UBC offers Postdoctoral and Graduate Studies

Every year, UBC attracts outstanding students from all over the globe to its academic environment. People often wonder “Why should I choose UBC Vancouver for my graduate studies?” Each student will have a different answer. Here’s the thing: UBC is the best choice for Doctoral Studies.

Reuters named UBC’s graduate school one of Canada’s “most innovative universities” in 2019. This is the greatest achievement you could ever imagine.

The University of British Columbia was ranked second by Times Higher Education as the most internationally oriented university in North America. They were also ranked as one of the top international universities worldwide in 2017. UBC is also a top-20 public university and regularly ranks among the best 20.

The third reason is that UBC is focused on its success. It offers many career workshops and professional development events throughout its program. UBC offers more than 300 graduate programs and over 2,000 research directors. You can even create your own program.

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Fourth, postdoctoral and graduate studies offer many options for current research students as well as doctoral and master’s students. These programs offer students an intellectually stimulating education. They offer international courses and inter-disciplinary and interactive courses that are both relevant and broad in scope.

Learning at UBC means that you can enjoy an exceptional campus in one of the most beautiful regions of the planet, British Columbia.

Is UBC the right choice for you? Only you can be certain. You can be sure that UBC will support you in your postgraduate research and teaching.

The UBC Four Year Doctoral Fellowship 4YF is a valuable resource

It is indeed a great advantage to be the best UBC doctoral student.

Four-year Doctoral Fellowship (4YF), will provide financial support for doctoral students at UBC, DMA, and MDPhD of at least $18,200 annually. This is only one benefit.

They will also pay full tuition fees for up to four years for their doctoral studies.

Although 4YF financing is available for up to four years in length, it may not be available in all cases. For more information, see the 4YF guidelines.

All funding applications are subject to satisfactory academic progress.

UBC Four Year Doctoral Fellowship 4YF Eligibility

International and national students can apply for a four-year Doctoral Fellowship. The fellowships are generally offered to students in their first year of doctorate or MDPhD. However, they can also be offered to continuing students.

Students who receive the following tri-agency scholarships automatically qualify to be 4YF designates

  • Vanier Scholarships
  • Doctoral Canada Graduate Scholarships (CGSD),
  • CIHR Doctoral Research Awards
  • NSERC Doctoral Postgraduate Scholarships, (PGSD),
  • SSHRC Doctoral Fellowships

Tri-Agency scholarships are available to doctoral students. They may be eligible for four-year tuition coverage. After their external scholarship funding ends, they will be eligible for 4-year tuition support and stipend. This will continue for up to 4 years after the date of the external scholarship, or until the fifth year of the doctoral program. It doesn’t really matter which comes first.

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Other recipients of major external scholarships who are chosen as 4YF designates could be eligible for tuition coverage. They will receive 4YF support and stipend up to four years after their external scholarship funding ends or until their fifth year in a Doctoral program.

Criteria for Evaluation

The selection process is based on academic excellence and the recommendation of the graduate programs.

Host Nationality

  • This Four Year Doctoral Fellowship (4YF) is at the University of British Columbia located in Canada.

Eligible Nationality

  • Canadian students
  • Permanent Resident
  • International students.

How to apply for the UBC Four Year Doctoral Fellowship 4YF

Students must submit an application to UBC for admission to the relevant graduate program in order to be eligible for funding for a Four Year Fellowship.

Visit the Application and Admission page for more information about admission conditions and procedures.

All Ph.D., DMA, and MDPhD applicants who are accepted are automatically eligible for 4YF funding.

Adjudication Procedures

To maintain eligibility for 4YF financing, 4YF holders will need to request additional financing.

  1. If they are eligible, 4YF holders must apply to all three organizations every year. They will lose any remaining 4YF funding if they don’t.
  2. International students who have been awarded 4YF scholarships are not required to apply for the annual affiliate scholarship competition, which is held every fall. However, they are eligible to submit an application if they want to compete for higher grants such as the Killam doctoral fellowship.

Deadline for UBC Four Year Doctoral Fellowship 4YF Applications

  • There is no deadline to apply for the UBC Four-Year Doctoral Fellowship. You can apply at any time.
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FAQs about the UBC Four-Year Doctoral Fellowship

To be eligible for funding, do I have to be accepted by UBC?

  • You can apply for funding awards even before you are accepted at UBC. For more information on eligibility requirements, please refer to the webpage of each award.

How do I get my award funding?

  • Student Service Centre (SSC) is the channel that awards funding is made.

When will I receive my awards? When will my award funding be available?

  • The Winter session (September through April) awards are usually assigned at the end of August, with payouts in early September or early January. Awards for the Summer session (May-August) are usually assigned by the end April with payouts in early May.

Why isn’t my tuition award sufficient to cover my fees?

  • Tuition awards (ex. International Tuition Awards (ex. These awards do not pay for any additional fees students may be charged during the term (ex. UPass, Medical. The tuition award does not cover the entire term’s fees. However, it will pay tuition. Tuition awards are subject to the standard tuition rate at the degree level.


The Four-Year Doctoral Fellowship (4YF), which guarantees financial support for the top doctoral students at UBC, DMA, and MDPhD, will provide financial support of $18,200 per annum plus tuition fees for up to four years.

This article will provide all the information necessary to submit a fellowship application. You should follow the instructions.

It is also possible to apply for the fellowship without a deadline.

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