Top 10 Schools to Study for MBA in the UK

Getting an MBA is increasingly becoming popular. It is one thing to desire to get an MBA but another thing to get it in a prestigious business school. Top business schools in the UK are among the best in the world because they offer standard and world-class learning methods and have been accredited by various bodies with gives them an edge over other schools as the top 10 schools to study MBA in the UK.

The universities are ranked based on various criteria such as accreditation, employability, alumni, the quality of education they offer, and many more. Deciding which university you want to get admitted into might be influenced by the ranking of that university (for business schools, the most respected ranking is that of the Financial Times). Although these rankings are not always 100% accurate it gives the school a little edge over the unranked schools in determining which is best to study from.

If you are a student looking for a top-ranked school in the UK to undertake your MBA program, we have got you covered. We have compiled a list of the top 10 UK schools that offer high-class MBA programs in the UK.

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MBA in the UK

As said earlier, the UK has become of the top destinations with top business schools that offer high-quality education. Some of the most prestigious business schools to pursue your MBA in the UK include:

  • London Business School:  Founded in 1964, London Business School is at the top of the list of schools in the UK that offer the best MBA programs. It prides itself on offering one of the ‘world’s best’ MBA programs in the UK. LBS allow students to structure their program based on how early they would like to complete their program either in 15, 18, or 21 months.
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The tuition fee for the year 2022 is set at 97,500 pounds for the full length of the program. You can also apply for the various scholarship opportunities offered by the school. The school ranked 7th by the Financial Times and scored 25th by the Economist.

  • University of Cambridge, Judge Business School: the University of Cambridge has also earned a good reputation as one of the top places to study for your MBA in the UK. Part of the Cambridge MBA curriculum is an external project that involves engaging students on real-life consulting projects for external companies or organizations around the world to build real-life experience and exposure. The program is a full-time program that runs for 12 months with a tuition fee of 59,000 pounds. There is also a wide range of scholarships offered by the university to students. The University of Cambridge ranks 19th according to Financial Times and 52nd according to the Economist.
  • University of Oxford: Not only is the University of Oxford one of the leading Universities in the world, but it also offers world-class MBA programs. Students offering an MBA program at the University of Oxford undertake a full–time one-year program. Part of the curriculum of the MBA program at the University of Oxford are programs such as the GOTO which involves getting involved in and addressing global issues. The tuition fee at the University of Oxford is 63,000 pounds. According to the Financial Times ranking, the University of Oxford ranks 21st and 62nd by The Economist.
  • Warwick Business School: Warwick Business School has also earned a spot as one of the top 10 universities in the UK. Warwick Business School offers full-time MBA programs, Distance Learning MBA (and in London), and Executive MBA (including London). Warwick Business Schools offers students the chance to work on projects that are client based, giving them practical knowledge of their study program.
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The full-time MBA program at the University runs for 12 months with a tuition fee of 43,950 pounds. The University of Warwick has been ranked 43rd according to Financial Times and 24th according to The Economist.

  • Imperial College Business School: Imperial Business School offers Global Online MBA, Full-time MBA, Executive MBA, and Weekend MBA. Each of the programs available depends on your schedule. The full-time MBA at the Imperial Business School runs for a period of 1 year with a tuition fee of 54,500.

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The school offers students the opportunity to get exposed to various experiences in different fields such as engineering, energy, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, biotechnology as well as other MBA fields. The institution has been ranked by The Financial Times as 55th.

  • The University of Manchester:  The University of Manchester describes its full-time MBA program as the ‘world’s most practical’ MBA and offers three consultancy projects to students to meet real clients. You can choose to change your program length and can choose the duration of 12, 15, or 18 months depending on how long you would like your program to last.

The tuition fee for a full-time program is 45,000 pounds per annum. The school also offers a range of scholarship programs to eligible candidates.

The University of Manchester ranks 45 according to the Financial Times global ranking.

  • City, University of London: The City, University of London offers a full-time MBA program to students that exposes them to workshops, live projects, overseas expeditions, lectures, and international expeditions. The tuition fee for the 1-year full-time MBA program is 47,000 pounds.
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The school offers an Executive MBA, Modular Executive MBA for over 24 months, and an Executive MBA in Dubai.

According to Financial Times, the university ranks 50th and 77th by The Economist.

  • Durham University Business School: Durham University Business School is a triple-accredited business school that gives students the opportunity to specialize in any of the three fields: entrepreneurship, consultancy, or technology. The full-time program is taken over a span of 12 or 15 months. The 15-month program gives students the chance to explore a new job role, take an internship or prepare to set up their own business. The tuition fee for the school is yet to be announced.

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The school ranks 62nd according to Financial Times and 58th according to The Economist.

  • Cranfield School of Management:  The school offers a full-time MBA, Executive MBA, MBA Defense, and Executive MBA in the UK. The full-time MBA costs 39,000 pounds. The school ranks 59th according to the Economist.
  • Lancaster University of Management:  The MBA program of the school has been ranked no. 1 in the world for Corporate Strategy Teaching. The school offers a practical experience to students by exposing them to challenges that will build them towards experiencing real-life events. The full-time program lasts for 12 months and the tuition costs 25,000 pounds. The University is ranked 76th according to The Financial Times.

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