How To Get a USA Student Visa? Full Application Guide

Everyone desires to Get an Opportunity to Study in the USA or in other countries. Do you want a USA Student Visa? Don’t worry now because there is a lot of information about how to apply and which documents are necessary for you to apply for a study visa to the USA. You know applying for a USA student Visa is a long process, so make sure you prepare well in advance. Here are several steps you need for applying for a student Visa.

These important steps vary at the US Embassy, So it’s important to follow these instructions to apply for the USA Student Visa. The USA is a well-settled country where everyone wants to go and get opportunities to meet with other cultures. If you are not a citizen of the US and want to study here, here are some of the important steps we will tell you. You need to read the steps carefully. So Let’s See.

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How To Apply For a Student’s Visa?

  • You need to complete the Non-immigrant VISA Electronic Application form DS-160.
  • After filling out and completing the application form, you need to pay the Visa application fee
  • To schedule your appointment,  you need to follow the information: Your passport number, For the Visa fee receipt,  check the receipt number, From your DS-160 confirmation page, get the 10-digit barcode number
  • In this step, you need to visit the date recommended for the interview in the U.S. Embassy or consulate. For visiting, you must carry your documents.
  • A printed copy of your appointment letter
  • DS-160 confirmation page
  • Take a passport. It is a photo that was taken within 6 months. Current and all passports
  • Original Visa fee receipt
  • Without these things, you cannot submit your Visa application
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Documents Needed For a USA Student Visa Application

  • The documents referred to strong financial, social, and family ties to our home country, which show that after completing your degree you return to your home country.
  • The financial and other documents that help you with supporting your Visa application
  • You must need the Original Bank Statement Receipts 
  • If someone sponsors you, you must have proof of your relationship with this person.
  • Carry the sponsor’s most recent tax forms and the original bankbooks, or you need to take fixed deposit certificates.
  • All academic documents include original transcripts, public examination certificates, and SAT or TOEFL certificates.

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Which Form is Used For Applying For a Student Visa?

The Student Visa Eligibility Form you need to apply for a USA student Visa.  The form is generated by the university that accepts your admission. After getting this form, you just need to visit the American Embassy with the Valid Passport, proof of Financial support, MarkSheet or standardized test scores, a student questionnaire form, a non-immigrant completed Visa application form, and a photo, and also satisfy the consulate to return to your home country after completing your degree.

Document Attestation From Where You Need

You need to attest your documents from MOFA  and HEC to apply for the student visa.

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Visa Application Fee

For a USA visa application, you need to pay the US $20 to $100 and it’s not refundable. All your attested copies of documents must be attached to the application form.

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Who Can Apply for a USA student Visa?

Anyone from anywhere in the world is eligible to apply for a student visa, but you must have the

  • Excellent academic record
  • Financial support
  • English proficiency letter

Was this article helpful? Go ahead with your USA Student Visa application now! Good luck.

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